NM State Nurse Aide Registry List

Each U.S. state maintains an active list of licensed certified nursing assistants, also known as nurse aides. The official state list is called the Nurse Aide Registry and is used by employers, consumers and government officials to verify current license status of an individual CNA. For example, when a health care employer is considering hiring a new nurse aide they will check the state nurse aide registry to make sure the prospective candidate holds a current nurse aide certification and license to practice as a CNA in that state.

In New Mexico, the state nurse aide registry list is frequently accessed by employers to verify license and certification status of prospective nurse aides. Individuals who hold their CNA license in New Mexico and wish to practice within the state should make sure they apply to have their name added to the New Mexico state nurse aide registry list. Most states require nurse aides to renew their professional status every two years. This ensures that the official list is as accurate as possible at any given time.

Can you work as a CNA in New Mexico if your name is not listed on the NM nurse aide registry? If you can provide proof that you have met the New Mexico CNA training requirements and passed the CNA certification exam and have been granted the ability to practice in the state of New Mexico, then YES you should be able to gain employment. However, it is strongly recommended that you add your name to the state CNA registry for your own benefit.

New Mexico CNA Registry

New Mexico Nurse Aide Registry
New Mexico Department of Health – Division of Health Improvement – Health Facility Licensing and Certification Bureau
2040 S. Pacheco Street, 2nd Floor, Room 413, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: (505) 476-9040

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