How to Check Nurse Aide License Status

Each U.S. state maintains an independent CNA registry of all actively licensed nursing assistants who are allowed to practice as a CNA in their state. This list is utilized by health care employers to ensure that they make responsible hiring decisions.

If an individual is not listed on the state nurse aide registry list they are not eligible for nurse aide employment. This can be due to several different reasons, such as an expired license, lack of proper licensure or disciplinary action causing their license to be revoked.

When employers are making hiring decisions they want to exercise caution and good judgement. Part of the CNA hiring process should include a thorough background check and verification of current license status. The same items are good practice for the state nurse aide registry list to make sure that their listing of professionals is accurate and reliable.

Those seeking employment as a nurse aide should make sure that they are listed on their state nurse aide registry. This should be done immediately following the successful completion of the CNA certification exam. Those currently working as nurse aides should maintain an active license at all times and continue to renew their license status and complete any continuing education requirements that arise during their career.

Why the CNA Registry is Important

Most professionals are regulated and organized by a state organization. This helps protect the general public, employers and professionals. Maintaining a public database of licensees makes it easy for patients and employers to quickly verify the license status of a nursing assistant.

In the event that a nursing assistant incurs disciplinary actions, the state nurse aide registry provides a forum for these items to be recorded publicly. This helps prevent further abuse and negative situations from arising in the future.

Online Nurse Aide Registry

As technology advances and becomes an integrated part of the professional landscape, many states are including online access to their nurse aide registry. This makes checking license status quick and easy for members of the public, licensees and potential employers. If your state does not currently feature an online registry it is best to call or submit the required paperwork to find out if an individual is currently licensed in that state.

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