How to Find CNA Jobs

The best way to approach your job search as a newly certified nursing assistant is to start by identifying open positions in your local vicinity. Once you have a working list of CNA job openings you can narrow down your search by the type of environment you prefer to work in. Nursing assistants can find employment in a variety of settings including hospitals, medical offices, private doctors offices, health clinics, home care positions, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s and dementia care centers, rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities.

Choosing a preferred employment setting can help focus your job search and prioritize your applications. This will save your time and energy by not applying for positions that you don’t truly desire.

When job hunting it is important to put your best foot forward at all times. Have your resume prepared and edited by peers or colleagues before sending it out to prospective employers. Resumes for professional CNAs should include relevant education and training as well as any relevant work experience.

This website maintains an active CNA job board listing many available nursing assistant positions all over the United States. Our CNA job listings are drawn from a variety of sources including medical job boards, health care companies, internet job search engines, large hospitals and private employers. You can begin reviewing current CNA jobs in your state by choosing one of the links below.

Landing Your First CNA Job

Employers look for several qualities when seeking to hire a new nursing assistant. Many employers are willing to hire newly certified nurse aides as long as they believe that the candidate intends to remain at their facility for a period of two years or more. This amount of time makes the amount of required time and resources that the employer must devote to training worthwhile. As a job applicant, it is important that you understand both sides of the equation and offer the prospective employer a strong overall package.

Most nursing assistants start their job search on the internet and usually end up securing a position based on their findings online. Job search engines can be an excellent starting point for finding current openings. Once you obtain an interview opportunity it is important to stress to the employer why you would be an excellent nursing assistant. Discuss your passion for the health care profession and desire to provide the highest quality of care to your patients. This will signal to the employer that you are dedicated to your profession and will help build the quality of their medical facility.

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