How to Find CNA Classes

Our site features lists of current CNA training programs in each state. Many students begin their search for CNA classes online. CNA courses are offered by hospitals, technical schools or vocational colleges, community colleges, training facilities and private education institutions.

Making the decision to enroll in a CNA training course is something that must be carefully considered. Making a commitment to your education is typically a positive endeavor, but must be entered into responsibly.

When comparing different training programs individuals should pay careful attention to class schedules, location of training facilities and qualifications of teaching staff.

Additional CNA training opportunities might be found by searching online or contacting local nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Many long-term care centers offer on-the-job nursing assistant training programs in exchange for a future employment commitment at their facility. The main benefit of such programs is at they are usually offered for free or at a very low cost to the student. The employers gain a qualified and well-trained CNA employee and the student obtains a free education. These program types are mutually beneficial.

More About CNA Classes

Most courses can be completed within 6-12 weeks although program schedules vary by school. Some programs offer accelerated CNA training programs, part-time enrollment, online courses and on-the-job training. Each individual will need to select the program type that best fits their schedule and caters to their preferred style of learning.

To be considered a complete and thorough training curriculum the program should include some amount of physical skills practice. Students should be cautious about entering into online CNA classes because they might lack a sufficient amount of hands-on practice necessary to master the 25 basic skills required of nursing assistants.

Facility Based CNA Training Programs

Many hospitals and long-term care centers offer on-site training programs for certified nursing assistants to meet education requirements. These types of programs are typically offered for free because the facility covers the costs of training, education, study materials and the certification test. In exchange, the facility will require that the individual make a commitment to work at their facility once they become a CNA for a specified period of time. Since places like assisted living facilities, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s and dementia care centers and health clinics require large numbers of nursing assistants to operate efficiently these places are most likely to offer free CNA training programs.

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