The Road to CNA Certification

The fastest route to certification as a nursing assistant is by completing a CNA training course and then passing the national CNA certification test. CNA training programs can be found in all states and usually consist of 6-12 weeks of classroom study hours. After completing a qualified training course the individual will be ready to take the certification exam.

The importance of being certified to work in this field is so that employers and patients know that you are fully capable and qualified to handle the required job duties of being a nurse aide. We cannot trust the lives of patients to persons who have not demonstrated the required skills and knowledge to perform the basic nursing assistant skills.

When taking the CNA education training it is important to absorb as much of the material as possible because many of the topic covered throughout the training course will be found on the CNA test. The practical skills should be well rehearsed prior to challenging the certification examination.

Challenging the CNA Certification Exam

Upon satisfactory completion of an approved CNA training program the individual is eligible to challenge the cna certification exam, which is the final step in obtaining a cna license. There is typically a fee around $200 for taking the exam which is non-refundable. If the student completes both portions of the exam successfully they can apply to have their name added to the state nurse aide registry list and begin practicing as a certified nursing assistant.

In the event that the candidate does not pass the certification exam they can re-take the exam up to two more times within a two-year period. Each time the student re-takes the exam they will be required to pay an additional fee and wait 30-60 days before each retry.

Requirements for Becoming a CNA

To be eligible for a nurse aide license the individual must have a clean criminal background. Each CNA candidate will have to submit a finger print to have their background records checked before their CNA license can be issued. If you have a felony or misdemeanor on your record most states will not allow you to become a CNA. In order to request an exception you must submit a formal request in writing to the state nurse aide registry (or in some states the state nurses association or state health department). Exceptions will be considered by each state on a case by case basis.

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